A wise man once spoke of Foucault´s Pendulum which had told him that "as everything moved - earth, solar system, nebulae and black holes, all the children of the great cosmic expansion - one single point stood still: a pivot, bolt, or hook around which the universe could move". I had read this ancient text still as a child; but only decades later, when I visited the Great Dome, I understood what he had meant.  


I had saved and waited for this journey all my life; my father had saved, and his father too, not knowing how long it would take for one of their children to be able to finally fulfill the journey that they had all longed for – the journey to where they too now rested. The time had finally come when I was able to say farewell to my loved ones and leave on this expensive journey that was to change me forever. It took several days and nights until I arrived. It stood in the place where, they say, our kind had first appeared, the cradle of humankind – and where, thanks to the Great Dome, our kind will also be laid to rest.

Already from afar, I could feel coming closer to it – more and more people appeared around me, people just like me, all slowly moving forward in one big mass. When I finally saw it – and I think they all shared my feelings - I didn’t think much of it. All one could see from afar was a humble hut and an open door, pitch black inside. I entered with the swarm, and we descended into vast, yet just as dark a stairway – nine long turns of a spiral, which reminded me of another tale from the past but, although we were going down, I felt like being lifted up instead. In the end, we reached a small passage and squeezed through it without hesitation.

Words can hardly describe the sensation taking over me as I entered the Dome! It was the feeling of heaven pouring right into my heart; this place was surely the work of divine hands. 

It was all made from clean white marble, infinite light shining upon it and reflecting all around. It was so vast that all the people who were just beside me had now completely vanished; so clean and precious, here was the exact opposite of worldly life, overfilled with our own vile and selfish pleasures and pains. It was only when I started walking I noticed that each of the small marble tiles – they must have been no bigger than an inch across – had a name on it. Millions and millions, no, billions of names – every single person who had died since the Dome had been completed.

My father had told me about older days when each visit to the cemetery to visit our ancestors had been a cleansing and spiritual journey. Then the age of experimentation came as the world got too crowded – superficial electronics, machines and devices of re-using and abusing our bodies and souls; but that was never what the people wanted, so the Great Dome was built, and I can tell you from my own experience that now visiting your deceased loved ones was a journey like no other.

And that’s when I remembered about the absolute point of the universe. This was it! This was the absolute point around which the earth, the sun and all of time and space moved, for death is the only absolute and inescapable truth that awaits us all – and this was death itself, right here in the Great Dome.

And it was beautiful.