Guildhall: 2012 is an architecture in media-space. It is physical as a set of inflatable objects manipulating crowds of protesters to create impressive mass scenes for propaganda images; it is also virtual as the augmentation of those images to add extra political friction. The project brings together the rigid and hierarchical political system of the City of London - its small historical core - with internet-based social technologies used for propaganda creation by political activists like the Occupy movement.

As most people only ever experience protests, wars, and all other political activities through their internet representation instead of real-life participation, the physicality of the project becomes secondary to its virtual images; simulation and simulacra switch places.


The Sublime Propaganda Machine is a participatory installation exhibited at the AA and was used as a test of involuntary participation in propaganda; the viewer, standing in a certain position, switches on a beautiful and magical recreation of the Lord Mayor’s show - an annual parade in the City of London. The forced position of the viewer is then abused by projections on the back, turning him/her into an unconscious part of a propaganda show.

The project was developed within the framework of AA Dip1, led by Tobias Klein, in the academic year 2011/12.